What’s New on The Domestic Mommy!

Almond Flour Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? This recipe is a healthy alternative that is packed with protein from the almond flour and eggs that are used. But not just any eggs… Nellie’s Free Range Eggs! Nellie’s are certified humane, and their eggs come from free range hens that live in free range farms across the Northeast and […]

Kitchen Sink Salad

I love salads, especially ones that are loaded with a ton of ingredients. I made this salad around the time when we had a romaine lettuce shortage, due to a recall. So. I opted for a cabbage mix, and I may say that it was an accidental, delicious discovery.  With the crunch of the cabbage, […]

Salmon for Baby & Adults

When I have the time to run to the store, I love to pick up fresh fish, particularly salmon. It makes for a great dinner, leftovers for a healthy lunch, and a great food group for babies.  I buy enough fish for my husband and I to eat, and to prepare for the little one. […]

Warm & Hearty Pot Roast

I was in search of a tasty dinner that was anything but chicken. We enjoy eating meat, but I didn’t want the average piece of grilled steak. Plus, we wanted to introduce meat to our son and needed something to give him that was soft enough for him to chew [gum] and digest. That’s when […]

Featured Recipes

Seafood Cioppino

I have a lot of recipes that are considered favorites, including this one! If you love shellfish and want to make a tasty date-night dinner, then this Ciopinno is a must-have. Your taste buds will thank you, and your hubby or wifey will DEFINITELY thank you and ask for seconds. I made this Cioppino for […]

Breakfast in bed with Good Food Made Simple

Who doesn’t love breakfast? And, who doesn’t LOVE breakfast in bed?! This Valentine’s Day, I’m serving Good Food Made Simple to my loved ones with some simple breakfast options for a healthy start to the day. Good Food Made Simple has been providing wholesome meal options for families, and took their vision to the freezer […]

Good Food Made Simple – it’s better than good for being simple…

Eating healthy on the go can be pretty difficult, but there are some great foods lurking in your grocery store that can make eating on the go, healthy and simple! This week, I am teaming up with Good Food Made Simple to bring you organic, good and simple breakfast options for a healthy start to […]

Loaded Nachos

The Domestic Girl here, rounding out my Lightlife Super Bowl eats roundup with Loaded Nachos. The nachos include the Smart Ground, beans, cheese and a ton of yummy ingredients to complete this game day favorite. Lightlife’s Smart Ground is the perfect [healthier] alternative instead of eating ground beef. Brace yourselves for a crunchy, savory nacho […]